All about search engine optimization 

Millions of potential clients browse the internet for information on services and products. Does your company have an online presence? If not your competition is taking all the business. Driving sales from your web page should happen just as sales from your counter. How do you get your web presence in gear?

Making your website accessible to crawlers.

Search engine optimization start with the designer or web developer. Making sure that Search Engine crawlers read throughout your site is very important for SERP’s (Search Engine Rank Pages).

What you do not want, is to be penalized for trying to short cut your way to the top

  • Do not duplicate your content Google and other search engines likes new and fresh content, the crawlers will pick up duplicate content.
  • Hidden text will cost your site rank dearly as Google will in some instances remove your from the search engine rank pages.
  • Do not use the same meta tags for all your links this will be picked up by the crawlers.
  • Do not use keywords as meta descriptions
  • Do not flood keywords or use keywords that is not used in your content.
  • Use Title names carefully and make sure it represents the content in for the specific page.
  • To help you establish your SEO Strategy and get rankings accordingly we offer a specialized service to drive your rankings. In the end ranking = traffic = sales.

Where to start?

  • Get your site analyzed by us, would be a good starting point, this will reveal your website’s shortfalls then it comes to search engine ranking. Optimize your site to conform to your business model, services and products by submitting well researched keyword structures.
  • Optimizing link building for your business model
  • Target your potential clients through online marketing strategies, using the most popular media channels.
  • General upkeep and maintenance of your website and infrastructure.
  • For more information on our search engine optimization bundles contact us

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