Website Search Engine Optimization

Visibility in the most popular search engines are paramount to the success of any website. having a great website with no traffic is like having no website at all.

With the search engine providers and in particular Google many factors are calculated to index your website for a specific keyword or phrase. In fact more than 200 calculation are made before your website or URL is indexed.

Some very important factors

  • Website or Domain Age
  • Backlinks from reputable websites
  • Rich content
  • The Speed of your website loading
  • Use of H1 –H6 Tags
  • Keyword Density

Web Design Specialist offers a comprehensive SEO service that covers all aspects of driving any website and to achieve high visibility in the search provider staying in their guidelines.

Initial SEO Integration (Organic SEO)

Website Audit Analysing your website
Keyword Research Reseach Best Impact keywords 
Optimization for keywords Overview requirements to achieve visibility
Implement Optimization  
Implement Keyword Combinations  
Re evaluation  
Estimated Cost  R 2500.00 / Once off
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Monthly SEO Strategy

Monthly rank report  See index pages in search Providers and ranks
Visitors analysis  See visitors overview and locations
Link building opportunities  Link building opportunities for your website
Search Engine Submission  Submit your website to more than 50 Search providers
Estimated Cost  R 350.00 / pm
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Pay Per Click Advertisement (Google Adsense)

We also specialize with high impact Google Adsense campaigns, this is a pay for advertisement platform and can penetrate impact driven adverts for specific target keyword index pages. For a no obligation quote you are welcome to contact us.

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