Free Websites for business

More and more businesses are identifying the benefits to have a solid presence online. Providing a platform for web developers and designers to showcase their skill in developing high impact websites to ensure a good return on investment (ROI).

Free websites is always very attractive as small business owners do not have a big budget for marketing, advertisement let alone web development hence this article will provide you with the information to choose whether or not free websites is the way to go.

The question that needs to be asked is this free websites effective?

Free websites is usually restricted and can only serve as a online presence, fixed on a set framework to ensure that the functionality is never compromised.

How do you market a free website?

Without access to manipulate and make additions to the page code makes it impossible to power a search engine optimization strategy removing most of the feasibility of the Free website.

The only way is to market your free websites with social networks and print media

Can I control all the information in my free website

Nothing is free! Facilitators of free websites usually will claim an advertisement space on your pages

Whilst planning a website the following questions will ensure that you are well represented online

  • Can the site be marketed to search engines
  • Can I add my site to Google web master tools
  • Can I add my site to Google Analytics
  • Can I add additional information to my site
  • Can I add a sitemap to my site
  • Is my pages search engine friendly
  • Can I add metatags and keywords to individual pages

All in all there must be a thousand questions that needs to be asked and answered however if you are planning to extend your reach by having a website designed and developed for your business it is a good thing to research your options before making choices.

We are dedicated to providing effective websites that serves as an extention of your business model with the capacity to grow with your business, adding functionality like social network integration, SEO Strategy, e-commerce and more. Contact us we are at your service.