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Businesses work very hard to maintain their reputation, brand and to showcase their services and products in a positive light. Internet users can easily  track and interact with brands online. What would happen if the interaction is negative? in some cases users can damage the reputation and identity of a business with a few clicks making online reputation monitoring a important critical service required for business that advertise or rely on business from the Internet.

Such actions can rapidly affect any marketing strategy you may have. the potentail for loss of imcome is huge! Negative articles,  posts or reviews can be done by any individual that would like to negatively impact your business, services or products.

Thinking of social media, blog’s and other Internet publishing platforms any individual have the  tools to publish any information they like. This information is crawled by the popular search engines and usually the information is in line with your business brand and communications therefore the negative listings reflected amongst your company listing.

This will create confusion with your potential clients that would like to do business with you and damage your overall online presence.

At WDS Creative Studio we know how many hours is send working on brand reputation and online strategies. After identifying all the factors in place we compiled comprehensive services that would help to re establish positive listings in the search engines and to protect brands from vindictive individuals that is out to spread false of negatively charged information.

The Importance of a great reputation online can provide you with a platform to excel in sales, extend your reach and to ensure that your brand becomes well known to your target audience. Let us help you manage your available information and cement your brands reputation.

Some of the case studies we handled includes false news articles, negative blog posts, unfair reviews, hostile forum comments, outdated legal issues and outright smear campaigns if you or your business are suffering from any of the above mentioned actions you can contact us to review and provide you with a suitable solution to counter such actions.

You need to know!

Are you unsure about publicly available information about you, your company or employees? We can assist, contact us and within 48 Hours we will report back on all your enquiry’s and table a suitable solution if necessary.

My Personal information is listed what now?

We can help, with years experience in internet search engine guideline research we will provide a solution for you and turn the negative assets into positive outcomes. Why is this important? more an more people are using the internet to find information on companies, indiviuals for business and personal reasons if you have negative assest describing you or your business it could mean that you lose business, sales and other interactions like job hunting and other.

Tips on how to control your information online

  • We are part of a evolving social network be careful of the information you make available online.
  • Do not provide personal information to people you do not know or trust.
  • Make sure that your social networks accounts can only be accessed by you
  • Do Not use weak passwords for account creation
  • Do not safe your passowrd to public computers

Top 5 Websites that can provide you with a huge platform to market your business and can harm your reputation in the same way

  • Google
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Bing

We work discreetly, and prioritize our focus on lasting changes to your online reputation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a smart solution

Custom Designs

Logo Design R 350.00
Poster Design R 250.00
Advert Design R 250.00

Social Setup

Facebook R 550.00
Twitter R 550.00
Google Places R 750.00
Google Plus R 750.00
Youtube Channel R 750.00

SEO Services

SEO Analysis (Report) R 250.00
Google Analytic setup R 250.00
Google Alerts R 250.00

Website Hosting

Domain Registration COZA R 125.00
Domain Registration other R 250.00
Web Starter R 70.00
CMS Web Hosting R 120.00


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