Joomla Web Design Guide Durban, KZN

Critical questions regarding planning your new website

  • Do you have a domain name registered?
  • Do you have web space sufficient to handle your planned development?
  • What tasks in your business model would you like your website to manage?
  • Can a web environment conform to your business model?

Web Development Overview

Enquire on web services

For us to better understand your requirements, communication is a key aspect. Due to the fact that most of our clients are nationwide, meeting is not always viable.  We have therefore created an easy guide to a “website interview” for requesting web design services.

This is where we gather the necessary information to compile a suitable proposal for your consideration. The form has no tricks and is a straightforward, user friendly questionnaire.

If any of the information supplied is not clear, we will send an email to request the information we need to compile a web design proposal. After researching the footprint and business model, we forward you our proposal for consideration, if the proposal or aspects of the proposal are accepted, we move forward.

You will then receive a web design checklist that will guide you, and enable us, to compile all the data we need to deliver a high quality web design for your company. If you still need to register a domain and obtain web hosting we can help you to get geared for your new online venture. Now that we clearly understand your requirements, we will invoice you on the accepted proposal. To commence work we require a 60% deposit that will cover the initial design of the website infrastructure, domain registration and hosting.

Design and Layout

Once that all is in place, we move forward to the design stage. We incorporate all the content, images, video and other media to adapt the infrastructure of your website. We also address the look of your website by integrating your corporate identity into the theme. We consult you and make any changes you would like. The following step is the  test of the installation, navigation and dynamic interfaces to ensure that your website will comply with all the popular browsers.

Go Live

At this stage you will be required to proof read your content and we make final adjustments as per your request. You will be required to make final payment. Maintenance and upkeep is critical for any online venture. Depending on your service requirements, we can enter into a monthly upkeep program or you can opt for a service request when needed. Website planning , design and deployment in a nutshell.