Shopping cart web designvirtuemart

We have worked with various shopping systems and can maintain, upkeep and support from small to large shopping carts. E- commerce is for all businesses small, medium and corporate alike. On the understanding  that, to be competitive on all marketing channels, being able to communicate and inform potential clients of the latest products and services is vital.

Our Commerce solution is user friendly and directs potential clients to the products they require. With unlimited categories and unlimited products your website functions as an extension of your shop front. All of your products and/or services can be showcased and made available to the clients.

You manage your own shopping cart

The our initial design covers your basic categories and products. Training in how to maintain your online shop is provided and included in our development cost however, for a monthly fee, we can help maintain and upkeep your online shop.This ensures that your clients are kept up to date and informed.

Technology and Payment gateway's

The most critical part of any commence system is security. We take punctual care of security updates and make sure that systems are all running smoothly. Support requests are handled speedily as we understand downtime is a loss of potential income.

Choose from a variety of secure payment gateway's to receive your money.

The E-commerce web design includes

Content  Management systems

  • Theme development
  • Corporate Identity inclusion
  • Business model Component
  • Component [Shopping cart]
  • Custom Modules and information Blocks

Complete revenue [shopping cart website] system that can create orders, drive sales and communicate.

Power your e commerce strategy with Virtue Mart and Joomla

E-commerce needs to be simple; with Virtue Mart you can extend and grow your business online with easy updates, unlimited categories creation and custom extensions to showcase your products. Virtue Mart also integrates

seamlessly with Joomla to create a powerful e-commerce solution. Furthermore, Virtuemart support the most popular payment gateways to ensure easy integration of pay solutions into your site.