Custom web design solutions

We configure and develop tailored website that are business model specific, in short the website is focused on a specific business model. Featured below our car dealership vehicle management solutions

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Find out how your website is viewed and crawled by the search providers and how you can improve your website visibility.

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Holiday Resort, Accommdation & Hotel Web Design

Hotel, resort and accommodation web development

With the focus on the tourism and travel business model it is critical for any hotel, resort and accommodation venue or facility to have a strong presence.

Showcasing what you have to offer provides your potential visitors with a view of what to expect when staying at your venue, with that said it is important to provide a smart and dynamic window into standout features that would set you apart from the other accommodation venues in your area.

Using print media is just not enough anymore!

With the internet booming and millions of user logging on to search for products, services and information it would make sense to acquire a powerful online presence as this is the fastest way to ensure that your facility get the exposure it deserves, create awareness on what your facility has to offer and to enable your clients to simply book online and interact with you directly.

With the latest online hotel management systems technology we strive to simplify and integrate a dynamic looking website that showcases what you have to offer, giving your potential visitors a high impact look at what to expect and to streamline booking and availability components.

SEO , Search engines and Optimizing your hotel website for maximum impact

With year experience in the research of market trends online and in particular the tourism , travel and accommodation business model our SEO engineers with provide you with a platform to execute a successful ROI (Return on investment) Campaign whilst optimizing your online presence to extend your reach.

We have a design just for you

At WDS Creative Studio we take absolute care in providing excellent service and design our focus is to exceeding your expectations. It does not matter if you are on a limited budget we have a package tailor made for you. With that said you are welcome to contact us, one of our consultant is ready to provide you with more information and options on how we can extend your reach and to target your potential clients.

What happens after the site is launched

WDS Creative Studio has a comprehensive support plans in place to give our clients piece of mind this way we ensure that your online presence is always available to provide your visitors with a window into your venue.

Features in our Hotel web design

Dynamically designed we power our hotel business model websites with Joomla to ensure that the website can function as a real time platform to showcase what the establishment has to offer in the interim every project is handled on an individual basis ensuring that your online presence will speak directly to your target audience.

Smart Hotel Booking and availability check systems

Core Features

  • Promotional inserts
  • Streamlined navigation options
  • Complete online booking systems
  • Communication platform
  • High impact galleries
  • High quality design

We also focus our attention to detail this is done to ensure a great user experience. We also develop smart solutions for:

Guest houses, lodges, Bed and breakfast accommodation and holiday resorts.